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Music Factory

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:musical_note: **M U S I C F A C T O R Y** :musical_note: Welcome to Music Factory. Music factory is, as the name suggests, a server for @everyone to listen to music in. It’s a fairly new server with a lot of potential and some unique features. We are always striving to make the server better and add more features. We try to bring artists and music lovers together so they can talk together and maybe even learn something from eachother! **:gift:▕▏Regular giveaways and community giveaways :tulip:▕▏No hatred to the music you tend to listen to :books:▕▏Lots of different music to choose from :dizzy:▕▏Beautiful aesthetic, easy on the eyes :camera:▕▏Active, nontoxic, community :leaves:▕▏Organized, clear channels :mushroom:▕▏Many music bots :bug:▕▏Genre playlists :eagle:▕▏Active staff :sparkles:▕▏No NSFW**
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